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Need help marketing shared branching to your members?

Shown above is one example of a full suite of free icons that are now available to your credit union for use on your website or in e-mail marketing. If you'd like to learn more about how easy it really is to promote shared branching to your members, click on the icon above. It will link you to the rest of the marketing options available in the suite of products designed specifically for shared branching.

Your members want convenience. They want branch access where they live, work, and travel. To meet this need you could hire more staff or open more branches. But both of these options require significant, long-term financial commitments and provide relatively limited additional access. Why not implement Shared Branching instead?

What is CIMple Shared Branching?

CIMple Shared Branching is a network created by credit unions, just like yours, who have joined together to share their branch locations so that their members may conduct transactions at any of these shared facilities nationwide. By joining CIMple Shared Branching, your members gain access to over 6800 Credit Union Service Centers locations nationwide and on select military bases around the globe.

What are the benefits?

Member Retention - With CIMple Shared Branching, your members will always have convenient access to a branch or retail kiosk whether they change jobs or change homes, across town or across the country. This allows you to keep members you might otherwise lose.

Business Continuity - If an unexpected technical problem or disaster causes your branch to be unavailable your memberswill still receive continuous personal service through the Shared Branching network.

Constant Growth - CIMple Shared Branching adds hundreds of new credit union and retail outlets to the network every year. All of this growth comes without any additional cost to your credit union for staff or buildings.

Shared 24/7/365 Call Center - The CIMple Call Center Basic Edition is available to all CIMple Shared Branching members at no additional cost. CIMply give your members the number, 866-MyCUNow, and they can start talking to live member service representatives to make transfers, get balances, retrieve account histories, submit loan applications and more.

Why choose CIMple Shared Branching?

Any shared branching provider can give you additional locations. CIMple Shared Branching gives you more. The CIMple Collaborative Innovation Model allows you to connect to the innovative technologies your members are asking for at a fraction of the cost. The key lies in our extensive list of third-party technologies that connect directly to the CIMple Switch allowing for quicker, easier, lower cost implementations. Through CIMple you can add mobile banking, remote deposit capture, custom call center, business continuity, disaster recovery, full-service kiosks, and more with a single CIMple Switch interface to your core processing system. The need for costly custom interfaces are virtually eliminated.

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